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Version: 4.0

Managing Licenses

Agents require a license to send their data to the server. Without the license, they cannot be profiled and send any data except their status. They must have the license assigned in the first place and this is performed manually.

Despite the fact that agents require the license, you do not assign it to them directly. The license is assigned to applications instead. Every agent belongs to some application, so when you assign the license to an application, its agents will get it.


You must have the Manage licenses permission to see this view.

Managing License

The view above shows the maximum number of available licenses (MAX AGENTS) and the list of all applications. To assign licenses to the applications, you must edit the value in the corresponding rows. When you are done, just click the Save button to deploy your mapping.


If there are more agents, belonging to the same application, than licenses assigned to the application, not all of them will get the license. The agents will be selected randomly.

It will take a few seconds to deploy your license mapping across the applications. All agents whose license has been revoked will unload their profiles and stop sending their data.