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Version: 4.0


Accessing Flopsar Environment#

When you start the workstation, a login window should appear.

Login Window

You must fill out the login form to log in. The required fields are:


    User-defined connection identifier.


    Server socket address in the form host:port. If you use a default value 9443 for the port, then you can specify only an IP address in this field. The port will be added automatically.


    A username.


    User's password.

If you run the workstation for the first time, the CONNECTION ID combo box is empty.


Default credentials are: the username is admin and the password is flopsar.


The workstation stores its settings locally, on the machine it runs on. It makes use of Java Preferences API to store its configuration. The physical location of the settings depends on the platform the workstation runs on. When you exit the application, it stores its current settings.


General Settings

By default, all the workstation logs are stored in a user home directory. This can be changed in the preferences window above, where you can set both the logger level and the location of the logs.

You can also check if there is a new Flopsar version available. In order to check it, just press the Check now button. If you select Check automatically, then whenever you start the workstation, it will check for updates automatically.


Your server connection information is also stored in the settings. You can either edit or delete these connections in the preferences window below.

Connections List


This view presents a list of all granted permissions.

Granted Permissions