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Version: 4.0


The Agents view contains a table with agents that are connected currently.

Connected Agents

The following information is presented in the table:

APPLICATIONApplication the agent belongs to.
NAMEName of the agent. If the agent has no license assigned, the triangle icon is displayed otherwise, the green one.
PROFILEProfile the agent is assigned to.
UPTIMEAgent's uptime.
SATURATIONRatio of the number of received packets to the total number of packets.
INST. METHODSNumber of instrumented methods.
DTRData Transfer Rate from the agent.
ERRORSNumber of errors in the agent logs.

To see the agent details, click the link in the NAME column.

Agent Actions#

Each agent record has the option menu, which allows executing queries on the agent directly.


You must have the Query Agents permission to see this option menu.

To execute a query, click the corresponding menu item in the option menu.

JVM Properties#

This query retrieves all Java properties from JVM the agent runs on.

Sample JVM Properties

Class Loaders#

This query retrieves a list of all detected class loaders.

Sample Class Loaders

The result is presented in the form of a table. Each reported class loader can be in one of the four states:

  • PENDING : to be instrumented,
  • NO NEED : has been checked and no instrumentation is needed,
  • SKIPPED : will not be instrumented,
  • INSTRUM : has been instrumented.


This query allows you to see what packages are available in your application. It is useful if you want to know what packages are available in your Java environment so that you can add some class rules to your profile. The packages are reported up to the third level.

Sample Packages

Threads Dump#

This query retrieves a threads dump from the agent. The result header contains the following metrics:

  • STARTED : total number of threads created and also started since the JVM started,
  • PEAK : peak live thread count since the JVM started,
  • TOTAL : total number of threads,
  • DAEMON : current number of live daemon threads.

Sample Threads Dump

Agent's Log#

This query retrieves recent agent's logs. It will download up to 1 MB of recent logs.

Sample Agent's Logs

Agent Details#

This view presents detailed information on the selected agent.

Agent Details View

applicationApplication the agent belongs to.
nameName of the agent.
versionVersion of the agent.
platformPlatform the agent is running on.
started atTime the agent started at.
uptimeAgent uptime time. It shows how long the agent is up.
last updateAgent last report time. It shows how much time has passed since the last agent report received by the workstation.