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Version: 4.0

Managing Users


You can manage users only in the workstation application in the admin mode.

Users List#

If a user has admin privileges, then its name has a crown icon.

Users List

To see user details you need to double click the selected user. To delete a user you need to click the options menu on the corresponding user record and click the Delete menu item.


You cannot delete your own account. There must exist at least one user with admin privileges, so you need to use another account with admin privileges to delete your account.

To add a new user, you need to click the main options menu and click the New User menu item.

Next, you must set a username and a password for your new user. You can click the GENERATE PASSWORD link to generate a random password for the user. When you click the Save button, the user will be created.

User Details#

Each user has the following attributes:

Changing User's Password#

To change user's password you need to click the Change Password menu item from the option menu.

Change Password Form

Next, set a new password (or generate random by clicking the GENERATE PASSWORD link) and click the Save button.


There are two types of users: administrator and regular users with selected permissions. The following permissions are available:

AdministratorUsers can edit agents' configurations.
Manage profilesUsers can create, modify, and delete applications' profiles.
View parametersUsers can see agents' online data.
View online dataUsers can query agents directly.
Query agentsUsers can send queries directly to agents.
Manage licensesUsers can attach and detach licenses to/from agents.
Edit online alertsUsers can edit online alerts' settings.
Delete alert eventsUsers can delete online alerts' events.
Manage exceptions mappingUsers can create, modify, and delete exceptions' aliases.

To edit user's permission, click the Edit Permissions menu item in the option menu.

Edit Permissions

Banning Applications#

If you do not want a user to see data from particular applications, you can do this by banning the applications for that specific user.