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Version: 4.0

Architecture Fundamentals

Flopsar consists of three main components:

  • Agent
  • Server
  • Workstation


The agent is a jar file that is installed on JVM running the user application. Every agent belongs to some application. The agent is attached to the JVM and produces data. The data are sent to the server, which collects and serves the data to the workstation clients.


There are two TCP servers exposed by the server. The default ports used by the servers are:

  • 9000 - this server handles all the connections from agents.
  • 9443 - this server handles connections from the workstation clients. The connections to this server are encrypted.

If you change the ports, make sure your clients connect to their corresponding servers otherwise, the environment will not work.

In this networking architecture the following connections must be allowed:

  • outgoing connections from agents to the server,
  • outgoing connections from workstations to the server.