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Version: 3.0

Custom Key-Value Metrics

This view allows for browsing any key-value metric data collected by agents. In order to draw a graph for a selected metric, you must fill out the form below.

Search Form#

First, you need to specify a pattern for agents, a time range, and a metric key. You can either specify the metric key manually or select one from the available metrics by clicking AVAILABLE KV METRICS link.

Key-Value Metric Form

KV Metrics Tree#

This popup view contains a list of all available KV metrics in a form of a tree. You can always refresh the available metrics view by clicking Refresh tree button.

Available Metrics

KV Graph#

If you click SEARCH button, a graph will be drawn for the selected metric.

Exemplary key-value metric

If you want to preserve the graph, you can detach the window by clicking the icon in the top-right corner of the window.

Context Menu#

Each KV graph has a context menu with several actions.


This submenu allows for selecting from which agents data should be visible.


This option allows us to toggle between Absolute and Relative type of graph. Absolute graph means that raw data points are displayed, while Relative graph means that data points are displayed as a difference between two consecutive values. Use Relative option if, for example, your KV metric is an additive one, i.e. its value always grows and you want to observe how much it increases at each collection time.

Add to Inspector#

This action adds the KV metric to the Data Inspector.

Save image as...#

This action exports the graph to an image and saves it to a selected file.