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Version: 3.0


Each Flopsar module (application) uses logging levels. The levels are defined as follows:

finest : most detailed logging. It should not be used during normal, production operation since it can degrade the application performance significantly. Use only in cases when you suspect some problems with the application, want to trace how it processes requests, requested by the Flopsar Technology Support to help investigate some problems, or any other problems. It prints lots of diagnostic information, which might not be covered by this manual.

finer : less detailed logging than finest. Used to log some additional information about the application operation and data processing.

fine/debug : more detailed logging than info. Used to log some additional information about the application operation and data processing.

info : default level used in applications. Used only to log some runtime information to verify a configuration and the like. You should use this level on normal, production operation.

warn : used in cases when some error occurs but with no impact on the application stability and data integrity.

error : normally, there should be no error messages in the log. The level is used in cases when some error occurs. These errors impact the application operation stability and data integrity but not all of them. The messages are informative, so you should know whether you can ignore it or not. Any system calls and external libraries errors are also logged in this level.

fatal/severe : there should be no such messages in the log. Messages of this level are only printed in cases when some fatal error occurred and the application cannot run any longer. For example, some misconfigured options can result in printing fatal messages in the log. Please, read them and fix your configuration. The messages are usually very informative.


By default, the agent always starts with finest logger level and after 2 minutes it is switched to info automatically. You can always change the level in runtime using Workstation.


Each logger message entry has the following structure:

DATE [LEVEL]<THREAD> Message content


DATE : current date,

LEVEL : current logger level,

THREAD : current Java execution thread name.


Server stores its logs in the FLOPSAR_WDIR/logs directory in flopsar.log file. The log file does not roll over so its size must be controlled manually.


Server module uses only debug, info, warn, errorand fatal levels.