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Version: 3.0

Data Archiving

Data archiving is a feature, which helps you to keep your database volume under control. If enabled, it runs every day at the scheduled time, compresses part of the data, and moves the compressed data to the <database_home>/storage.db/arch directory. After this operation, your database volume is smaller.

First of all, in order to enable the archiving feature, you must set archive/enable option to true in the configuration file. To make the archiving procedure start at the HH:MM time, you must set the option archive/scheduled on/hour to HH and archive/scheduled on/minute to MM. When the time comes, the database process will spawn a new archiving process, which does the job. When the archiving procedure starts, it must know which data it should archive. This is managed by archive/retention option.

The archiving procedure always produces a single file. The file is stored in the directory <database_home>/storage.db/arch and its name is of the form flopsar.arch-YYYY-MM-DD_HHMM, where YYYY-MM-DD_HHMM is a date time of the procedure beginning. Besides the output file, there is a log file flopsar.arch-YYYY-MM-DD_HHMM.log created in the same directory. The log file contains some information about the archiving operation.

If you want to only keep your database volume under control and you are not interested in old data, then you can set the option archive/policy to purge. This policy makes the database delete the old data.


Data Archiving feature is available only for Database instances.

Database Dump#

If you want to dump your database data on demand, you can do it by executing the following command:

$ flopsar arch dump --from=START_DATE --thru=END_DATE --agents=AGENTS_REGEX FLOPSAR_WDIR


  • START_DATE/END_DATE : data time range.
  • AGENTS_REGEX : regular expression for agents pattern.

You cannot dump the data when the database is running.

Extracting Database Archive#

If you want to extract the archived file, you just need to execute the following command:

$ flopsar arch extract ARCH_FILE

This command will extract the specified ARCH_FILE file in the current working directory. A new directory will be created with the extracted database data. Additionally, a log file flopsar-arch-extract.log will be stored with the extraction procedure logs.